No extra charge for two Volkswagens

Two of Volkswagen's models have been added to the list of vehicles exempt from the London Congestion Charge under new rules.

The company's Polo BlueMotion and Golf BlueMotion have become eligible for the Greener Vehicle Discount, under which vehicles giving out less than 100g/km of CO2 are exempt from the £10 Congestion Charge while driving in the capital.

While the Polo BlueMotion emits just 91g/km of CO2, the Golf BlueMotion gives out 99g/km. Both the vehicles are already excluded from paying road tax.

Owners of these cars can potentially save up to £2,500 annually depending on their travel into London.

Both the vehicles from the German manufacturer focus on economic driving, with the Golf BlueMotion capable of giving 899 miles per tank of diesel, but do not compromise on quality or class.

The models come equipped with alloy wheels, air conditioning, a CD/stereo system, electric windows, Hydraulic Brake Assist and ABS as well as driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags and, on the Golf, a knee airbag.

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