No ban for driver with 39 points

Safety campaigners have expressed shock after it emerged that a motorist who has accumulated 39 penalty points is still allowed on the roads.

The unidentified driver from Swindon may have said goodbye to cheap car insurance, but has not been banned despite the astonishing number of penalty points on their licence.

BBC West revealed the figure after obtaining it from the DVLA through a Freedom of Information request, although there were no further details of the motorist or the offences which led to the penalty points.

It also emerged that 638 drivers in Bristol, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire had racked up 12 or more points on their licence.

Under the rules, motorists who have 12 penalty points can be temporarily disqualified from driving, unless they can prove it would cause exceptional hardship.

The Swindon case prompted immediate calls from road safety groups for a ban on the motorist.

A spokeswoman for charity Brake said: "It is crucial that driving licence bans are issued when a driver receives 12 points on their licence, in all but very exceptional cases.

"Any driver that exceeds this has shown that they repeatedly break the law and are a hazard to other road users.

"A ban acts as a punishment, allowing the driver time to reflect and also protecting other road users who would be at risk if a driver like this was allowed to continue driving unabated."

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