Nissan unveils new cheaper charger

A new cheaper charger developed by Japanese car manufacturer Nissan for smaller electric cars will be available for users in November, the firm has said.

Nissan, the maker of the Leaf electric vehicle, said the new quick charger will be sold for half the price of its current charging technology that is available for 1.47 million yen (£12,000).

Easy to install, the new charger is small in size and could be squeezed into tighter spaces than the firm's existing options.

The higher grade charger for outdoor use will be available for less than one million yen (£8,170), enabling more savings for drivers that they could use for other motoring costs such ascar insurance.

Yokohama-based Nissan hopes that it will sell approximately 5,000 of the chargers by the end of March 2016.

The car maker has not yet confirmed the release date of the new charger in Europe and the US.

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