Nissan reveals Juke facelift teaser

Nissan reveals Juke facelift teaser

Nissan has released a teaser shot of new Juke ahead of its full unveiling at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

However, the picture of the popular compact crossover is surrounded by some sort of digitised flame effect that obscures any new styling cues.

The Japanese automaker intends to gradually make this image clearer in the days leading up to the show, revealing one piece of the updated Juke's new look at a time.

Users will be able to follow the progression on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter right up until the curtain raiser in the first week of March.

The Nissan Juke first rolled off the production back in 2010 - and it hasn't looked back since.

It may look unconventional but the compact crossover has proved extremely popular with motorists around the world. The Juke has actually surpassed all predictions and is now one of the pillars of the entire Nissan range.

Its refresh, however, comes at a time where its market share is under serious pressure from excellent, and often more practical rivals.

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