Nissan recalls over 130,000 Micras

Nissan recalls over 130,000 Micras

Nissan is to recall more than 130,000 Micras in Britain after some motorists complained that the steering wheel was falling off in their hands.

The Japanese car giant has revealed 841,000 vehicles across the globe would be recalled, the third time the firm has had to call cars back in less than 12 months.

In Britain, 133,869 Micras produced between December 2002 and May 2006 at the company's Sunderland plant will be recalled.

The latest issue follows on the heels of an airbag fault, with the firm concerned they could catch fire or explode. The problem affected 59,000 cars in Britain and 3.4 million vehicles worldwide.

Nissan recalled 51,000 Qashqai - 7,000 in Britain - last September because of an unrelated steering fault. A company spokesman put the recall down to faulty moulding which led to steering wheel fractures.

The most recent recall has been attributed to a new metal used in the manufacturing process. This resulted in the steering wheel expanding and contracting depending on the weather, which saw the nut gradually untighten.

The spokesman said: "If it is becoming loose, it is quite evident to the driver because it feels wobbly."

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