Nissan recalls 51,100 Cube vehicles

Japanese carmaker

Fuel spillage was detected during rear-end crash tests at 50mph, Nissan said, adding that no injuries or incidents have been reported by drivers.

Although leakage was not found in Nissan's earlier tests, the manufacturer said it will issue a voluntary recall.

Cube vehicles manufactured between January 30, 2009 and July 30, 2010, which includes 45,700 in the US and 5,400 in Canada, will be recalled.

Vehicles sold in Europe and Japan will not be recalled as they use different parts, the manufacturer said.

Dealers will attach a special protector to the gasoline recirculation tube at the location of the filler neck connector to prevent leaks, Nissan said, adding that owners will be notified by August 30 to bring their vehicles to dealers.

Toyota reported a similar problem last month following tests of its Lexus hybrid. Although the carmaker did not find problems in its own tests, it proceeded with the recall.

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