Nissan planning super cross-over

Nissan is planning to introduce its first super cross-over model.

The landmark prototype, which the company has named the Juke-R, will combine the 450bhp engine from the twin-turbo Nissan GT-R with the Juke chassis.

The brand is likely to become popular with school-run mums and racers alike, analysts say.

Only two versions are being planned at this stage - one in right-hand drive and another in left-hand drive.

The firm will move into large-scale commercial production of the new vehicle only if there is a big enough level of public demand.

In order to fit the Juke's dimensions, amendments have been made to the drivetrain and much of the interior equipment of the GT-R.

However, the Juke's unique centre console - which is inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank - will stay put.

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