Nissan opens on-site job centre

A jobs and advice centre has opened at the Nissan car factory in Sunderland to help workers made redundant to find employment.

The on-site job centre is staffed by 20 employment experts from Jobcentre Plus, and with the help of Nissan and the nextstep adult careers information service, it hopes to support workers who have lost their jobs at Nissan find other forms of employment.

The service will advertise the latest job vacancies in the area and offer retraining opportunities as well as giving access to higher education. Help with writing a CV and interview skills will also be offered by the experts in a bid to make the move from redundancy to employment as smooth as possible.

Alan Clarke, chairman of the Nissan Response Group, said: "The centre and its services will remain available as long as they are required and extend to both Nissan permanent and temporary staff, as well as supply chain workers who are affected by the job reductions."

Nissan announced it would not be renewing the contracts of 400 temporary workers at Nissan, when they expire at the end of January, and the future of a further 800 full-time employees is still being decided.

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