Nissan Leaf delivery begins in UK

Deliveries of Nissan's environmentally friendly family car Leaf have begun in the UK.

The affordable, five-door hatchback runs on a 24KW lithium-ion battery, which comes with a 100-mile range.

The launch of the all-electric model in the UK supports the company's aim to bring sustainable mobility to the mass market in the country.

Taking delivery of a Nissan Leaf in Hertfordshire, Smooth Radio DJ Mark Goodier said: "The great thing about electric cars is that the fuel distribution is already in place. We all have mains electricity at home, at work and councils are already working on how to install thousands of charging points at the roadside.

"It's everything that people like me who have been driving electric vehicles for a long time have been waiting for. It's going to change our lives for the better."

Richard Todd, who was the first customer in the UK to place an order for the car in September last year, said: "As an engineer I have always wanted an electric car, I've just had to wait for the battery technology to arrive."

Paul Willcox, managing director at Nissan Motor GB, said: "The Nissan Leaf is pioneering the electric car revolution in the UK. We first unveiled the car in August 2009 and we've been building up to this moment for over 18 months."

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