Nissan GT-R voted car of the year

The iconic Nissan GT-R has driven all over the Jaguar XF to win MSN Cars' prestigious Car of the Year 2009 award with 29% of the record 80,000 votes cast.

The four-wheel-drive sports car was streets ahead of the British-built Jaguar on 12%, with Ferrari's California third with 11% - another good score for the Italian supermarque.

Ferrari has featured in MSN's top three since 2005, with previous entries including the 430 Scuderia (2008), 599 GTB (2007), F430 Spider (2006) and the 612 Scaglietti (2005).

Other familiar entries included the ever popular - but new generation - Ford Fiesta in 8th place.

MSN spokesman Tom Evans said: "Not only does the GT-R boast enough sheer motoring muscle to outrun its rivals, but one of the most eye-catching, contemporary designs in the supercar fraternity."

And he lauded Britain's "passion and drive for the world's most well-crafted supercars, even during times of economic hardship."

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