Nissan develops 'self-cleaning' car

Nissan develops 'self-cleaning' car

Good news for motorists who can't stand the time and expense of washing their car - Nissan claims it is developing a "self-cleaning" vehicle.

The automotive giant is running tests at its European technical hub in Switzerland on a new variety of paint designed to repel dirt, rain and oil.

It has applied the Ultra-Ever Dry paint to the very latest Nissan Note and over the coming months will be putting the car through its paces in diverse conditions to see how well the paint holds up.

Water is prevented from leaving marks on the car's surface by a protective layer of air that effectively cocoons the bodywork.

There are no plans at this stage to include the paint as standard, so it looks as though Nissan Note fans may have to pay extra to have it on their new cars.

Geraldine Ingham, chief marketing manager for Nissan Note, said the development ties in with the company's commitment to make everyday tasks easier for customers.

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