Nine Scottish drivers caught at 120mph+

Nine Scottish drivers caught at 120mph+

Nine motorists in Scotland were clocked driving in excess of 120mph in 2014, according to new figures.

A motoring group says programmes which change attitudes are the best method of dealing with the problem.

The top speed recorded was 129mph on Angus's Waterston Road stretch of the A90 linking Dundee and Aberdeen Road, the Police Scotland figures revealed. This compares with two instances of 146mph driving on London's M25 in England.

Each of the 120mph-plus cases were found on roads with speed limits of 70mph.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), which unearthed both set of statistics, said that rehabilitation and training schemes for persistent, repeat offenders are the best way forward.

Its CEO Sarah Sillars said that such motorists need a "complete rethink" in their attitudes towards speeding.

She also called for conspicuous traffic policing to let drivers know the danger of being caught is clear and present.

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