Next F1 season to feature 26 cars

Formula One's governing body has outlined new rules for the 2010 season, imposing a budget cap of £40 million and opening up the championship to three more teams.

The FIA World Motor Sports Council, after a meeting in Paris, agreed to permit 26 cars on the starting grid next season, two for each team.

The budget cap of £30 million announced in mid-March was also raised by £10 million with the aim of encouraging new entrants. A new, independent costs commission will monitor and regulate the cap.

Teams adhering to the cash limit will have the freedom to use movable front and rear wings and an engine not subject to a rev limit.

They will also be allowed unlimited out-of-season track testing and will have no restrictions on the scale and speed of wind-tunnel testing.

Teams can choose not to operate under the budget cap but they will face restrictions.

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