New wardens for cars, mess and rows

A council's traffic wardens will now be responsible for reporting anti-social behaviour and environmental issues as well as continuing to monitor parking.

Combining the roles of parking enforcement officer, community warden and environmental warden, Aberdeen City Council's warden service will be the first of its kind in Scotland.

The team will carry out daily patrols in Aberdeen from 7am to 10.30pm and will look out for anything from dog fouling to fights.

Councillor Martin Greig said the new roles build on the services of the other responsibilities and represents a "new and innovative approach".

Environmental duties the new wardens will have to tackle include minor offences such as littering, graffiti, flyposting and leaving bins on streets.

Mr Greig, chair of Aberdeen Community Safety Partnership, said: "The city wardens will be approachable and informative to the local community and visitors alike but they will also take a strong line to tackle those who cause problems by issuing enforcement notices."

The council said the wardens will be working with the police and fire crews and be given daily briefings aim to ensure they focus on problems in specific areas whilst patrolling.

Mr Greig added: "The wardens will offer a reassuring presence and tackle the problems which matter most to local people."

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