New Volvo evokes men's emotions

New Volvo evokes men's emotions

Men's emotions are stirred more when looking at beautiful car design than at a beautiful woman, research suggests.

Volvo, launching its new Concept Coupe, carried out its study to find out what makes the different sexes tick.

Images of the latest addition to the Swedish automaker's range were shown to individuals who were wearing brain activity-measuring equipment in sequence with images of old or 'ugly' cars; crying and happy babies, plus people traditionally considered as 'beautiful'.

Some 75% of the men felt more emotion when looking at the Concept Coupe, which has been designed to create a far more 'expressive' link to potential customers' emotions, than when looking at images of beautiful women.

Simon Williams, spokesman for, said: "Car manufacturers invest a lot of time and money into designing beautiful cars that appeal to both men and woman, however, it's no surprise that there is a special bond between men and their motors, as this study proves.

"As we see advances in in-car technology we will no doubt see this special bond grow even stronger."

Compared to their male counterparts, the women felt almost double the intensity of emotion while looking at the images of the babies.

"This survey finally proves what we've always suspected," said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars.

"Beautiful car design can elicit strong emotional responses ranging from a positive frame of mind to a sense of empowerment."

In a parallel study conducted by OnePoll, women rated the rear of a car as the most important element of its design while men ranked the front end as the most crucial aspect.

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