New tyre offers year round performance

New tyre offers year round performance

Tyre giant Michelin says it has produced a tyre suitable for both summer and winter.

Many motorists choose to swap their summer tyres for winter versions which offer better grip on snow and ice.

Meanwhile in countries like Germany, it's a legal requirement to use winter tyres during the colder months. While winter tyres offer better grip in icy weather, they don't perform well on hot asphalt, so can't be used all-year-round.

But the new Michelin CrossClimate is said to offer the braking performance of a conventional summer tyre but is also certified for winter use. Michelin says its new tyre, which could solve the headache of changing tyres twice a year, uses a new tread pattern and compound to provide year-round performance.

The tyre has received official winter certification, so drivers in Germany will be able to use it throughout the year, while Michelin says it will be ideal for motorists in the UK, who only have to cope with a few days of snow every year.

The tyre will be available in sizes from 15 to 17 inches and will go on sale in May.

A recent study found that four in 10 European motorists view the seasonal tyre swap as a constraint and leave it until the very last minute to change.

Meanwhile a separate study last year found that almost two thirds (65%) of drivers in Europe use summer tyres all year round.

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