New tyre care product launched

New tyre care product launched

A new product could hold the key in cutting the costs associated with damaged tyres.

Puncture Safe is a gel-like substance inserted into a tyre through its air tube. It turns solid within the tyre to help prevent accidents caused by punctures.

Many haulage companies and farmers waste time and money replacing punctured tyres. It is also dangerous to drive on tyres that have been punctured in the past, not to mention the threat of breaking down .

Nigel Weller, who is in charge of the Portsmouth region, said: "Tractors, trucks and lorries often suffer from punctures due to the nature of their work and replacing tyres is expensive. Therefore, I decided something had to be done to keep the costs down - that was where Puncture Safe came in.

"From the early interest I have received so far, I truly believe this is the answer that so many vehicle owners have been waiting for and I'm so pleased to be finally launching my business."

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