New Twingo arrives on the scene

New Twingo arrives on the scene

Renault has finally taken the wraps off the new Twingo - two decades after the original first rolled off the production line.

Starting from a blank canvas, the French automaker has produced a fresh version of its much celebrated city car that is great fun to drive. It appears to ticks all the boxes. Not only is it innovative, attractive and agile, it is also surprisingly spacious on the inside.

The engine is positioned at the rear, freeing up the front end and considerably improving the turning circle. This makes it highly manoeuvrable in built-up areas, while parking calls for just minimal steering.

Combined with the use of a smaller block and the positioning of the wheels at the car's extreme corners, the rear-mounted engine also frees up extra cabin space.

In fact, the new Twingo boasts the sort of wheelbase and roomy interior more generally associated with models in the next segment up.

It is available in four vibrant 'pop' colours - light blue, white, yellow and red - plus the customisation options mean drivers can chose from a host of stances, from urban to sporty, feminine and masculine.

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