New Tesla e-car sells 276K units

New Tesla e-car sells 276K units

Orders for Tesla's new electric car have hit an estimated $11.6 billion (£8.1 billion) in under a week.

The US electric vehicle maker only started taking reservations for the Model 3 last Thursday (March 31).

But already it has sold in excess of 276,000 units.

This could be the breakthrough that the e-car industry and Tesla has been looking for. Experts said at the car's that it was a make-or-break model for the California firm, which sold just 50,580 cars last year.

The machine is due to hit the roads in the latter part of next year.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, kept updating Model 3 booking numbers between Thursday (March 31) and Saturday night (April 2).

The five-seater sedan car can travel 215 miles (346km) on a single charge and is capable of 0-60 acceleration in under six seconds.

The starting price is $35,000 (£24,423) but Mr Musk based his calculations on the typical cost being $42,000 (£29,551) with options.

The CEO adds that he intends to send gifts as a thank you to those who queued to place their orders at Tesla showrooms

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