New road signs could promote trains

Transport ministers have announced that drivers could be encouraged to use public transport by road matrix signs under plans currently being discussed.

Road safety minister Mike Penning suggested that the signs - which would also encourage people to take regular breaks - will be met by opposition from some corners.

But appearing before theHouse of Commons Transport Committee, he said that they would be a "complete break" from what had gone before.

He suggested that ministers were working out how the signs could be used to improve public information on the roads.

The signs could one day be used to advise people to switch routes when necessary in a bid to promote non-motorway driving, according to Mr Penning.

The signs could tell drivers of the attraction of coming off the motorway and opting for a nearby rail station where they could park and take the train.

Mr Penning went on: "It's a complete break (with the past). There will be some opposition to it."

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