New police car supply deal agreed

The country's police forces are hoping to save £3.4 million each year after signing a new agreement that will see all patrol cars being supplied by just four manufacturers.

Under the new cost-cutting deal, beat officers will choose from a selection of vehicles branded with a national livery. They will be equipped with blue flashing lights, technology and safety equipment.

Officers on other duties will be restricted to cars from a menu of 18 categories from 25 suppliers.

David Horne, of the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA), said: "Through collaboration, we are able to standardise how police vehicles are used across the UK, which means further efficiencies are possible in areas like training and mutual-aid."

Currently, forces spend about £83 million purchasing 5,600 vehicles every year.

Now they can only select between a Ford Fiesta or Focus, Vauxhall Corsa or Astra, a Peugeot 308 or two models of Hyundai.

High performance traffic vehicles, often used to patrol motorways, will be supplied by either BMW (530 diesel), Audi (A4 or A6 three litre diesel) or Volvo (V70).

Other vehicles from motorbikes and vans to armoured VIP saloons will be supplied by manufacturers including BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Iveco, Honda and VW.

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