New plans to tackle mileage cheats

Ministers are devising new plans to tackle car dealers who manipulate odometers in a bid to boost a vehicle's resale value.

Under the new measures, there are plans to redesign the MoT certificate so that mileage readings from previous years will be noted as well as those at the time of the current test.

Manipulating an odometer reading is not illegal, but it becomes an offence when the owner tries to sell the vehicle after altering the mileage.

Road safety minister Mike Penning said: "These measures would give motorists the power to make the right decisions and avoid getting scammed into buying potential death traps."

He added: "It will also deter those who attempt to defraud law abiding motorists and help to identify organised criminals who will often use clocking alongside more serious offences."

Last year, the Office of Fair Trading urged the Government to act on certain firms which offered "mileage correction" services which might be used for illegitimate purposes.

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