New Peugeot hybrid needs no plug-in

New Peugeot hybrid needs no plug-in

Peugeot has unveiled a new non-plug-in hybrid that combines power with green driving which could revolutionise car making.

The French manufacturer's 208 supermini emits just 49g/km of CO2 while being able to reach 62mph in 0-8 seconds.

If Peugeot's technological achievements become the norm, the way cars are built could be totally redefined.

Only plug-in hybrid cars are presently able to hit such low emissions figures.

But Peugeot has used existing technologies and innovative thinking to provide a largely realistic emissions-reducing platform.

The 208 Hybrid FE is without power steering, but rides on slim 145-section 19-inch tyres.

It arrives with carbon fibre body panels and part-polycarbonate glazing, and employs a pioneering suspension system that saves kilograms of weight at each corner.

The car employs a self-managing hybrid system, so minimising the chance of abreakdown .

It cannot be plugged in to the national grid, in the same way as the ultra-successful Toyota Prius. Connected to a frugal 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine - actually a modified version of Peugeot's 1.0-litre unit - is a super-efficient electric motor that weighs just 7kg.

The new 208 uses normal 95 RON unleaded fuel.

It should give a conventional driving experience, potentially transforming production cars that use its technology into industry-wide game-changers.

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