New Nissan Leaf arrives in the UK

The first models of the new Nissan electric car, the Leaf, have arrived in the UK from Japan at the Port of Tyne.

The first batch of 60 Leafs will be unloaded from the City of St Petersburg - considered to be the most energy efficient car transporter in the world.

The 'green' cars will then be sent to 25Nissan EV dealerships in the country in preparation for the March 1 UK sales launch.

Nissan plans to start production of the Leaf at its Sunderland plant in 2013.

The Leaf, which is called an all-electric car, does not produce any tail-pipe pollution or greenhouse gas emissions when in use.

Its 80 kilowatts lithium ion battery pack allows the car to travel at a top speed of more than 90mph and can reach 0-60 in under 10 seconds. It also has a driving range of 109 miles when charged fully.

The Leaf has already won accolades, such as the 2011 European Car of The Year award, becoming the first electric vehicle to have ever been selected for the title.

It will retail for £23,990 in the UK, inclusive of the £5,000 government incentive.

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