New liquid to tackle icy roads

A local council is set to test a new liquid that could help keep roads open during snowy weather conditions.

Lancashire County Council will be one of the first local councils in England to trial the liquid concentrate, which is derived from agricultural processes.

Called Eco-Thaw, the liquid showed promising results in tests by Transport Scotland on roads in Aberdeenshire.

Dubbed as 'ice eliminator', the product is already being used across several countries in Europe that have to deal with severe weather conditions every year.

Trials showed that the liquid was effective at temperatures as low as -20C.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) gave it a green light as the liquid was found to not adversely affect the surrounding vegetation.

Traditional de-icing methods involving salt applications failed to tackle snow as temperatures in several parts of Britain plunged below -20C.

Eco-Thaw can be applied directly to the road surface or used in addition to salt.

It is cost effective when used in combination with salt and could help in preventing the loss suffered by the economy due to the blockage of roads caused by snow.

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