New Lexus CT200h Advance launched

New Lexus CT200h Advance launched

Lexus has launched the latest model in its CT200h range - the high-specification Advance.

Sitting a notch above the SE in the CT200h hierarchy, the Advance boasts a raft of features such as cruise control, rain-sensing wipers, reversing camera and a new integrated satnav system.

Its MoveOn navigation system can be controlled via a touchpad on the centre console and offers live information services without the need for a mobile phone link, thanks to an in-built 3G connection to a SIM card.

The car also features a new upholstery known as Tahara, which offers similar characteristics to leather but weighs half as much and its production generates 65% less CO2 and zero potentially damaging volatile organic compounds.

Motorists who like the sound of the new CT200h but are worried about the price tag might just be interested to note it comes in at just £500 more than the SE with an on-the-road price of £24,495.

That could encourage potential buyers to work out the finer financial details and obtain a car insurance quote or two with the new high-spec Lexus representing an interesting addition to the car market.

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