New iPhone app reports potholes

A new iPhone app designed to report potholes is becoming the best way for road users to vent their anger and urge local authorities to fix the problem.

The 'Fill That Hole' app is commissioned by the Aggregate Industries and CTC (national cyclists' organisation in the UK) and uses GPS to identify the location of the impediment.

After attaching a photograph of the pothole and reporting it to, local authorities are informed to fill in the road gap.

Information about which local authority is dealing with the problem, as well as its fix rates and league tables, are included in the app.

The new feature has led to a 133% increase in the number of potholes reported on the Fill That Hole website, according to CTC. However, only 18% of the road impediments have been fixed, with road users still experiencing car damage and injuries due to bad roads.

As a result, drivers need to make sure they have car insurance to get them through such road hazards.

England and Wales reportedly contained 1.4 million potholes last year, with as much as £9.5 billion required to fix the bad roads condition.

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