New iPhone app for vehicle buyers

Car buyers will be able locate and browse through vehicles from over 5,000 dealers with the help of a new iPhone application, it has been announced.

Developed by automotive sales service Auto Trader in a bid to make car-buying decisions easier, the new application will provide information on a particular vehicle using just a photograph of the registration plate.

This facility will enable customers for used cars to get information without having to enter details manually.

Meanwhile, consumers can also benefit from the GPS ability - meaning that the application will facilitate the supply of information about vehicles and dealers based on their location.

Nick Gee, director of mobile at Auto Trader, said: "In a matter of seconds, a user can be transported from seeing a suitable car on the roadside, to finding an identical model for sale nearby, and calling the owner for a test drive.

"Once our customers have used the application to create an image of their desired car, they then have the ability to instantly browse through the inventories of more than 5000 auto dealers. Thanks to the powerful search functionality, customers can quickly find their ideal vehicle whether they're on the go or in the comfort of their own home."

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