New exhaust system for BMW bike

BMW has launched a new exhaust system for its S1000RR superbike which will provide even more power and torque.

The performance of the bike's engine will be optimised, while the braking and power management systems for short circuit riding will also be improved by the new Akrapovic exhaust system.

Torque and power have been bolstered through the 5,000 to 9,000rpm mid-range, while maximum engine output has been taken to 197bhp, an increase of 4bhp. The power mapping for the rain, sport, race and slick engine-management riding modes is identical once the part is installed.

The engine-management riding modes instead change the electronic rider aids, with the ABS lowering input and the Dynamic Traction Control offering full power at more acute lean angles. The part has been fitted to Ayrton Badovini's 2010 FIM Superstock 1000 championship-winning bike.

One little feature which isn't much use on the road but will impress your mates on a track day is the pit-lane limiter, activated by hitting the start button in first gear, which limits the bike's top speed so racers can't exceed the speed limit in the pits.

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