New electric car speed records

New electric car speed records

A British-built car has broken the current land speed records for electric vehicles.

Powered solely by electricity, the Drayson racing prototype vehicle set four new speed records in one day.

New benchmarks were set for a standing quarter-mile acceleration, and a flying start over one mile and one kilometre. Over the mile, speeds of 205.139mph were reached, while over a kilometre the car managed speeds of 333.271kph (207.084mph). The figures were reached by averaging out speeds over two measured runs at Elvington Airfield in opposite directions. This method is in accordance with the rules and regulations of land-speed-record racing.

Hitting a top speed of 92.383mph, the Drayson managed the quarter-mile from a standing start in 9.742 seconds.

The British land speed record was also set for any car driven by its wheels for a mile from a flying start.

The race car is owned and driven by Lord Drayson, who said he was "delighted" with its performance in the land speed tests, adding: "We are continuing the testing and development programme of our electric drivetrain technology."

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