New eco-bollards in Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council is introducing eco-bollards on its roads in order to save money and cut down their carbon footprint.

The 'green' units will replace the illuminated bollards currently in use and will function without electricity.

This is the first time the reflective bollards, some of which have solar panels, have been used in the county.

While 500 of them have already been put on Leicestershire roads, the council hopes to release 3,000 more later in the year.

These new bollards are expected to save 526 tonnes in CO2 emissions - equivalent to the amount of carbon used by 58 homes. The initial target is to reduce £32,000 in costs and cut carbon emissions by 79 tonnes.

Professor Mike Preston, county council cabinet member for climate action, said: "By taking simple, practical steps and embracing innovation, we can save money and reduce the council's impact on the environment. The new 'green' bollards guide and warn drivers and are highly visible.

"If national regulations are changed later this year, we can replace the remaining 3,000 bollards which would save a massive £100,000 a year and 526 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

"This latest project will add to the benefits generated by switching off a number of streetlights across Leicestershire, set to start in the next month."

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