New drive to get 1m car club members

New drive to get 1m car club members

The number of car-sharing motorists in London could hit 1 million in the 2020s, if a new campaign achieves its aim.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) is backing the Car Club Coalition's initiative to increase the number of members joining capital-based car clubs.

Hitting the seven-figure milestone would mean these drivers would be helping to save the environment - with fewer vehicles on the road producing fewer emissions.

Car club organisers, Carplus sustainable transport data resource and Transport for London (TfL) are among the agencies working to help the association. The Greater London Authority (GLA) and London councils are also involved.

The Coalition's latest action plan has been half a year in the making.

Its Vision for Car Clubs in London outlines a 10-point action plan needed to achieve the 1 million landmark. Moves include establishing an observational network to establish proof of how car clubs can have a positive impact.

It wants to convert the capital's state-sector fleets and help Londoners move away from their own vehicles.

The plans also set out to persuade the capital's commercial fleets to take up car club membership in greater numbers and raise such clubs' profiles.

In addition, the Coalition wants to encourage a larger number of low-emission motors to the roads, as well as oversee easier and smarter parking management.

One obstacle to the car club revolution is low awareness, which is why education is prominent among its aims. The association aims to lobby ministers to get greater backing for its aims.

It wants all 33 of the boroughs in London to operate car clubs, which would mean an additional eight areas coming on board.

Gerry Keaney, chief executive of the BVRLA, said the evolution of car rental, club clubs and pay-as-you-go driving is advancing at a swift pace. He adds that such urban mobility is key to improving city road safety, air quality and congestion easing.

The association speaks on behalf of Zipcar, Hertz and Europcar and other prominent Coalition members, while car2go, DriveNow and BollorŽ have joined in 2015.

Last year ministers announced a £500,000 boost for car clubs.

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