New drink-driving campaign launched

More drivers than ever before will be stopped by police this Christmas as the force steps up its anti-drink drive campaign.

And deputy chief constable for North Yorkshire Police Adam Briggs said it was "only a matter of time" before lawbreakers were caught and punished.

Last year, the one-month campaign saw officers across England and Wales stop 183,397 drivers - a figure which the force is determined to top in 2009.

Mr Briggs, the national lead on road policing, also warned Christmas partygoers to think before driving the morning after a big night out.

He said: "Many people think they have to be involved in a collision or commit an offence to be stopped and breathalysed. This is not the case and our aim is to test more drivers than ever before during this campaign."

The Christmas campaign, in which drivers will be tested for alcohol and illegal drugs, runs throughout December until January 1.

Police use roadside breath equipment to test for alcohol and a series of exercises known as Field Impairment Tests to test for drugs. In London, Metropolitan Police officers will be using new technology to help them build up a better profile of offenders.

Officers will record additional information such as the sex and age of offenders, as well as where they are caught, to fine-tune future operations.

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