New device to boost driver safety

A leader in vision-based driver assistance devices has announced the expansion of its aftermarket product line with the introduction of the Mobileye C2-170.

Mobileye produces collision avoidance systems aimed at helping drivers avoid crashes and maintain a safe driving distance from vehicles and road markings.

Its new product, which received the prestigious Fleet Safety Forum Award Excellence 2009, is a driver-safety system developed specifically for aftermarket applications and can be easily fitted in any passenger and commercial vehicle.

Using a camera located on the front windscreen inside the vehicle it is able to utilise Mobileye's unique artificial capabilities to detect and measure the distance to vehicles and lane markings, providing the driver with timely alerts in order to prevent possible collisions.

Messages are then relayed to the driver via a premium-quality, high-visibility display unit, which features clear, powerful display icons and comes with customisation options.

Isaac Litman, Mobileye's vice president of sales and marketing, said: "In the next months, the Mobileye C2-170 will become Mobileye's aftermarket flagship product.

"The new product joins Mobileye's line of award-winning aftermarket collision avoidance and driver assistance products offering accident-prevention warnings."

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