New Dacia MPV prepares for launch

The Lodgy is the latest car to be released by the Renault-owned company Dacia, offering a new MPV in the market.

The name "lodgy" was derived from "lodge", intending to give connotations of spaciousness.

The boxy and upright shape of the car is designed to maximise cabin space. The Lodgy might be a good option for a well-priced no frills car and will be available in five and seven-seat models. According to Dacia, even the third row of seats in the back of the vehicle is spacious, and the features of the car are kept to the necessities.

Dacia is renowned for creating simple and cheap models and its sales policy includes a full manufacturer's warranty. Given that all the parts used by Dacia are tried and tested Renault parts, the cars are known to be reliable.

The Lodgy will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. For such a large utility car, comprehensivecar insurance is a must for any owner.

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