New cycle-friendly junction opens in London

New cycle-friendly junction opens in London

Left-turning traffic along an accident blackspot route in the capital will now have to wait for cyclists.

A junction on the CS2 cycle superhighway in east London has been transformed to prevent cyclists from being run over by drivers turning left - a move that could eventually be repeated nationwide if successful.

Six people have been killed on the road since CS2's inception in 2011, including 20-year-old French student Philippine de Gerin-Ricard and 58-year-old Olympic site worker Brian Dorling.

The junction of Cambridge Heath Road and Whitechapel Road in the east-west direction now separates traffic travelling straight on, from traffic wanting to turn left and gives them separate signal phases.

There is another set of lights for cyclists in the cycle lane, meaning there is no conflict between cyclists and motorists.

'Early release' signals also give cyclists coming from the north or south a 2 to 4-second head start on other traffic to ensure they can clear the junction before meeting traffic, while a 'two-stage right turn' helps them avoid the danger of having to navigate across two lanes of traffic to make a right turn.

A total of 5,146 cyclists were injured in London in 2014 - the highest figure for 26 years.

To make the CS2 cycle route safer, there are plans to separate most of it from motor traffic using kerbs or flexible poles.

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