New couples 'wary of sharing cars'

People starting a new relationship are less likely to trust their partners with their cars than with keys to their home, according to a study.

A survey has found that only 36% of couples are likely to include their beloved in a car insurance policy in their first 12 months together.

But nearly twice as many would introduce their partners to prospective in-laws and 61% would hand over the keys of their home within the first year.

Motorists in Wales were the most likely to add their partner to their car insurance, while those in eastern and southern England were the most reluctant to do so.

The survey of more than 2,000 people also found that men were more wary of sharing their vehicle with their partners, with 31% saying they would be uncomfortable if their loved one drove their car, compared with only 18% of women.

Lucy Bailey, head of the firm ibuyeco which conducted the survey, said: "It is interesting to see how guarded Brits are about sharing their cars - even with their loved-ones.

"As a nation we love our cars, so perhaps it's not surprising that couples don't surrender them to the conjugal relationship until much later down the line."

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