New Citroen makes efficiency gains

New Citroen makes efficiency gains

Citroen's new Berlingo Airdream comes equipped with the latest in fuel saving technology and has also been designed to minimise CO2 emissions.

Fuel economy has been improved by a factor of almost 5% in one model with efficiency improvements also cutting emissions by up to 5g/km.

The Berlingo Airdream is available in manual or automatic shift and motorists are also offered the choice of a 625kg or a 750kg body kit.

The new automatic versions are thought to be around 4% more efficient for town driving than previous models.

All variations of the new Citroen will utilise an identical 89bhp e-HDi diesel engine to ensure running costs are kept down and efficiency is maximised.

Tests on the 625kg model with the higher LX spec show that it is 4.5% more economical than the equivalent previous model.

The EGS6 automated gearbox is not available with the lower X spec but models in that range can be purchased with either body size weight.

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