New checklist to avoid MOT failures

New checklist to avoid MOT failures

A nationwide campaign to reduce MOT failures is being launched this week, backed by 5,545 manufacturer main dealers in the UK.

Dubbed the 'Minute or Two' checklist, the campaign covers 10 basic points that vehicle owners can monitor prior to the MOT test, from headlights and tyres, to windscreen wipers and fluid levels. Forewarning the dealership of required work in advance of the MOT, can give the vehicle the best chance of passing the test first time, and can also avoid breakdown cover charges in the meantime.

Car manufacturers from Ford to Ferrari and Porsche to Peugeot are backing the campaign with technicians at dealerships ready to assist customers who are unsure about carrying out checks themselves.

National Franchise Dealer Association director, Sue Robinson commented: "The 'Minute Or Two' checks are easy and simple to perform and will save motorists time and aggravation when taking their vehicle for its annual MOT test."

The full checklist can be viewed at, where motorists can also use a tool to find their nearest suitable garage. The ten items included in the checklist are:

1. Headlights and indicators

2. Brake lights

3. Number plate

4. Wheels and tyres

5. Seats and seatbelts

6. Windscreen

7. Windscreen wipers

8. Screenwash

9. Horn

10. Fuel and engine oil

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