New cee'd model launched in Geneva

New cee'd model launched in Geneva

It's time for the Kia cee'd SW to move over, as from the 10th September it will be replaced by the all-new Kia cee'd Sportswagon.

The new model was launched at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show alongside the stylish Kia cee'd hatchback, which was released only three months ago. They are both leading lights when it comes to style, quality and safety.

The Sportswagon name captures exactly what Kia is hoping to achieve - a modern, adventurous vehicle that also retains the practicality and value that made the SW a major player in the UK fleet and business market.

With Kia focused especially on competing in this area, it makes sense that in the UK the cee'd Sportswagon will be fitted exclusively with highly efficient turbodiesel engines. Fleet departments across the nation will love the low operating costs and high torque output.

Kia hopes that with more advanced technological features and improved styling, the cee'd Sportwagon will prosper beyond simply business users.

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