New breathalyser laws in France

New breathalyser laws in France

Britons planning to drive in France should be aware that a new law has been introduced in the country, meaning that motorists must carry a breathalyser kit with them in their car or vehicle at all times.

While the law has come into force this week, foreigners will have a four-month grace period before they run the risk of punishment. However, after November 1, any Brit found driving without a breathalyser will be fined 11 euros on the spot.

Police in France will be carrying out random checks as drivers cross into France either through the Channel Tunnel or on ferries and as a results UK retailers have seen a massive rise in breathalyser sales.

The law is part of the French government's plan to cut the number of deaths caused by drink-driving and specifies that drivers must have two single-use breathalysers with them in their vehicle.

It is hoped that the new law will save roughly 500 lives a year by encouraging drivers who fear that they may be over the limit to test themselves with their kits.

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