New BMWs to get DAB digital radios

New BMWs to get DAB digital radios

BMW's latest vehicle update means that drivers will never have to go without radio on the move.

From early next year every new model will be fitted with DAB digital radio, meaning that motorists will be unaffected by the eventual analogue signal switch off.

This is the first fully integrated system of its kind available for BMWs in this country.

The introduction of the AutoDAB system comes after owners of used modern BMWs were earlier this year told that they could buy a retro-fit DAB radio kit.

According to BMW, owners of every model from the three-door 114i to the 760Li long-wheelbase luxury saloon will never have to go without radio in the modern era.

The system, which plugs into the existing radio, has been produced by Connects2.

It can be fitted behind the dashboard in an hour with no wires left exposed.

Once fitted drivers will benefit from better sound quality, choice and signal.

And as drivers ensure they have access to better music on the move they should also remember to secure quality car insurance.

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