New bike test 'better for students'

The UK's top motorcycling trainers have said that the new two-part, modular bike test will make life easier for students.

The Driving Standards Agency consulted with the Motorcycle Rider Training Association (MRTA) about the practicalities of the new modular practical test, that comes into force from April 27 this year.

Under the new system, bikers who pass the first module but fail the second will be able to bank the first result and only need to retake the second part.

The first section tests riders on all the manoeuvres - including the emergency stop, low speed handling and swerve test. The second section is a 30-minute on-road assessment ride.

Kevin Bryan, chairman of the MRTA, said: "The new two-part module test will mean that in practice, if you pass module one, this can be banked.

"Under the previously-proposed single-event test, those who passed module one, but failed module two would have to start the whole process again, which would have been expensive for all concerned."

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