New app lets cars 'park themselves'

New app lets cars 'park themselves'

Many motorists will at some time have wished that they could get out of their car to guide it into a tight parking space.

But now a smartphone app has been unveiled that could turn that wish into reality and take the stress out of tricky parking manoeuvres.

The app, showcased by Bosch at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, enables drivers to guide their vehicle into a parking space by swiping a virtual image on their smartphone.

It works by processing information provided by a dozen sensors in the car which scan a parking space, enabling the vehicle to be reversed into it or parallel parked.

Demonstrating the app at the US show, Bosch's engineering manager, Fred Sejalon, said: "If a suitable parking space is found the driver can either stay in the vehicle or step out and, using their smartphone, let the vehicle do the rest. The system controls vehicle speed and the steering wheel and gear shift."

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