Mustang set for Silverstone bash

Mustang set for Silverstone bash

Ford's iconic Mustang muscle car celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, with the largest gathering of race-prepared models appearing at Silverstone in July to mark the occasion.

More than 25 models will line up for the Silverstone Classic on 25-27 July, with a range of Mustangs throughout the ages expected to appear at the racetrack.

Car displays and parades will also be included in the programme to celebrate the Mustang entering its sixth decade.

"We hope to attract more than 25 racing Mustangs and that will be the biggest gathering ever assembled on one grid," said Rachel Bailey, event organiser.

"News about the Mustang's 50th birthday bash is stirring up interest worldwide and we already have cars being shipped from the USA and are expecting several other significant cars from around the world. To see so many amazing Mustangs in action is going to be a really fitting tribute to the original muscle car."

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