Music-mad motorists cautioned

A new poll looking at the driving habits of Britain's motorists has found that listening to music is the number one driving distraction.

The top 10 list of bad driving habits puts changing stations on the radio or putting in a new CD while at the wheel as the main potential cause of accidents.

The next most prevalent bad habit was eating and drinking while driving, following by being distracted by children, passengers or pets, according to the survey from

Of the 2,386 adults questioned, more men than women admitted to being distracted by eating, drinking and adjusting in-car entertainment systems.

Andy Leadbetter, the group's managing director for insurance, said: "It seems we are a nation of distracted drivers - yet being on the road requires complete concentration at all times.

"Any lapse in concentration, even for a second to change radio stations or take a bite from a sandwich while driving, could have severe or even fatal consequences."

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