Mum may face jail over kids in car

A mother who admitted leaving her three young children in an extremely hot car has been told she may face jail.

Kelly Marie Langham, 26, of Carlisle, told magistrates she popped to a shop in the city centre and only thought she was going to be gone for a few minutes.

But the children, who are aged between two and eight, were in the car for 45 minutes, with temperatures inside the vehicle hitting 40C (104F).

A police constable attended the scene some 45 minutes after Langham left, and witnessed her running back to the vehicle.

The car windows had been left slightly wound down, but Langham said she did not realise the heat could rise as much as it did.

She told the officer that she had been at the Cash Converter store in Lowther Street, which was out of sight of the car, but she had got stuck in a queue, Carlisle Magistrates' Court heard.

After being removed from the car, the children were found to be traumatised but did not need hospital treatment.

Langham pleaded guilty to three counts of wilful child neglect or ill-treatment and also possession of amphetamine.

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