Multiple crashes on M69 due to ice

Multiple crashes on M69 due to ice

Seven crashes took place within a short space of time on the icy M69 motorway on Sunday morning.

Leicestershire Police closed the southbound carriageway following the incidents in which it was believed nobody was seriously injured.

Motorists who find that the M69 ison their route are being urged to take extra care ahead of the new year getaway.

Gritters were sent out on Monday morning after cold weather overnight led to more treacherous conditions on the road.

Sergeant Paul Clarke, from Leicestershire Police's Road Policing Unit, advised drivers: "Adjust your speed to suit the conditions and thereby ensure that you can proceed with reasonable safety.

"Remember, your stopping distance can be twice as much on wet roads and up to 10 times greater on snow or ice, compared to dry roads."

Even after a section of the motorway was reopened and the road was gritted, police called on motorists to continue to be cautious when using the M69.

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