MSP wants lower HGV drink limit

An MSP claims the new, lower drink-drive limits introduced in Scotland last month do not go far enough.

The limit was lowered to the European standard of 50mg for every 100ml of a driver's blood. But the SNP's Christian Allard wants commercial motorists to be subject to even lower rates of 30mg.

Mr Allard would like to see this reduction for drivers of the public transport of heavy goods vehicles and is asking Scottish ministers to examine his proposal.

As well as driving licence penalty points, fines, bans and even prison, motorists convicted of drink-driving also face likely hikes in their car insurance premium on their return behind the wheel.

Mr Allard warned of the "catastrophic damage" larger vehicles can bring if they become involved in an accident. It is "inexcusable" for drivers of such transport to be found with any alcohol inside them, he added.

Motorists who exceed legal alcohol limits are involved in about a tenth of Scottish road fatalities.

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