Mr Loophole's daughter to pay fine

The daughter of a lawyer known as Mr Loophole now faces a higher

Sophie Freeman, 18, was caught doing 63mph in a temporary 50mph zone when returning from the family's apartment in North Wales.

Her father Nick Freeman, famed for securing driving charge acquittals for celebrity clients, said he could have found a way to successfully challenge the fine but wanted her to learn a lesson from the incident.

Writing for the Manchester Evening News, Mr Freeman, who lives in Cheshire, said: "Mr Loophole the lawyer was in conflict with Mr Loophole the dad.

"Every fibre of my parental instinct told me that Sophie had to understand the consequences of breaking the law and that speeding can be a serious and dangerous issue.

"I'm a hypocrite. I know."

Miss Freeman was driving a Mini Cabriolet registered to her father's law firm, where a letter was sent stating the driver faced a £60 fine and three licence points. She said she would pay the fine out of her savings.

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